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Friday, July 1, 2011

Breaking News from rabble.ca: Greek government prevents Sea Hitler from sailing!

Crete, Greece - In an attempt by local authories to confiscate the Canadian ship Tahrir's transit logs, it has been revealed that a Greek Ministerial order has been issued to prevent any ships from leaving ports in Greece if the destination is Gaza.   
"Israel has in effect extended the illegal blockade of Gaza to Greek ports, using the Greece's economic difficulties to influence the government's position," says David Heap of the Tahrir organizing committee.   
After overcoming numerous last minute hurdles, the Tahrir was boarded by local port police in Agios Nicolaos, Crete.

More at Marxist propaganda organ rabble.ca

At one point, Greek police threatened to arrest Sandra Ruch, who gave this speech for the Sea Hitler at a Khomeinist event.

More here about the legal campaign to stop and prosecute Fatuous Fooltilla 2 - Stay Stupid

Here is the collection of stooges who bought berths on the Sea Hitler

UPDATE: a rabble.ca forum participant who claims to know one of the Sea Hitler swabbies says:

"The Greek government has caved to Israeli pressure, and is preventing the flotilla ships from leaving its ports. A friend of mine who is currently on The Tahrir is saying that the actions of the Greek government have effectively ended the flotilla for this year. "

UPDATE (Thanks for the tip from Harry Abrams!):

Video of Sea Hitler stooges being detained. Notice in the video how these filth make a point every time one of their useful idiots is a Jew to point it out. In thiis case, courtesy of fat, ugly slob David Heap. The far left's new anti-Semitism in action:


Jay Currie said...

Well this is happy news...

Ideal for Canada Day: idiot Canadians prevented from further embarrassing themselves or their country.

Patrick Ross said...

I wonder if Lyn Adamson tried to give the Greeks a seminar in "non-violent conflict resolution". God knows she isn't giving one to Hamas.

Fortunately, if she and her cohorts are successful in breaking the blockade, they won't need that.

Harry Abrams said...

Sandra Ruch, head of mission for the Sea Hitler is taken into custody by Greek authorities . Looks good on her.