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Friday, July 15, 2011

Toronto District School Board presents a racist view of racism

Click the link below to see the latest example of bigoted indoctrination courtesy of the idiocy of Critical Pedagogy, an educational approach pushed by OISE and other "education professionals."

Your children are being indoctrinated at the elementary school level by an approach developed by Paulo Freire, a devotee of one of history's biggest mass murderers - Mao Zedong

Blazing Cat Fur: Toronto District School Board Teaches That Only White People Are Racist


Anonymous said...

I think the confusion is between the words racism and discrimination. A lot of people may use the term racism as disliking differences in people, whereas discrimination is usually referred to as committing negative acts against someone because of their differences. Most people may argue that to be able to discriminate against someone you must have power over that person. Since whites are considered to be economically dominant in our society, some people say that whites are the only ones who can discriminate against others.

Richard K said...

If that discrimination is based on race, then it's racism and that is exactly what the TDSB is saying; that only whites can be racist. It's based on Marxist-influenced oppression theory, which postulates that only 'ruling classes' can be oppressors, and as a memeber of a ruling class, you are automaticaly an opppresor whether or not you actualy engage in any oppression.

Sound stupid? You bet. It actually is a form of racism because it categorizes people as members of their racial group rather than as individuals. It's part of a disgusting agenda being advanced in places like OISE and is being taught throughout our school system.

It points to the urgent need for reform of our educational system.