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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Can CTV's Brian Williams spare us asinine cultural relativism in the future?

Watching the 2012 Olympic closing ceremonies, I was just treated to this pearl of wisdom from CTV's Brian Williams:  "The medal winners are not just white, Anglo-Saxon Protestants but reflect the true nature of multicultural Britain."

I can't imagine how anyone but a condescending, pompous twit trying to wear his "liberalism" like a badge of honor would even bother to note something so obvious, Mitt Romney gaffes notwithstanding.

The cretinous trope that Canada's sanctimonious multiculturalists have managed to perpetrate is that multicultural means the same thing as multi-racial. It means no such thing. And we get to have such idiocy infused into every aspect of our culture, even sports coverage.

Discrimination on the basis of race and ethnicity is deplorable and indicates an intellectual dearth on the part of anyone who engages in such behavior. Almost as deplorable is destructive vapidity of proponents of the concept that all cultures are equal.

Cultures are a form of group behavior based on traditions and practices;  in short ideas.

Are all ideas equal?

Is the idea that a woman should be forced to wear a tent so she doesn't tantalize a man by letting him see a flash of skin as valid an idea that women should have the same rights and freedoms as a man? Are cultures that say murderers of children, (if those children should happen to be infidels,) are rewarded with sex in the afterlife as civilized as cultures which say terrorism is evil and abhorrent?

There are those pontiffs of moral relevance in Canada who want you to believe it is wrong to believe ours is superior to such cultures. Ours is a society built upon philosophies tracing back millennia, from before the Ten Commandments through the time of Socrates, the Magna Carta, the Constitution of the United States and so much more. We have indeed incorporated ideas from the past while rejecting those we, as a society and a culture rejected as being inferior.

The result is a western society that is the most advanced in the history of the world. Yet there are still barbaric cultures in the modern world, barely literate, which practice slavery and subjugation of human rights.

Is a culture that believes in free speech and the expression of ideas equal to one that will kill you for insults to its god or bloodthirsty desert "prophet?"  Only a halfwit would say 'yes' and unfortunately, there are many  of them among us.

Should a culture that decrees a young woman's clitoris must be sliced off so she can experience no sexual gratification and be faithful to her husband one to be condemned? There are fools among us who say "no."

Once we abandon the idea that our culture has any superiority, than we condemn ourselves to eradication in the tides of envious, backwards cultures which pretend to want to co-exist, but in fact want to supplant ours. Why should we preserve our culture if it has just the same value as any other?

I don't really blame Brian Willaims for any of this. He's a decent guy who means well. He was only trying to be a nice, squishy, feel-good multiculturalist who said the sort of thing Canadians are often conditioned to say.  Just like the moral relativists among us want.

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