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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Idiot British politician George Galloway says non-consensual sex with a sleeping woman isn't rape

One of his accusers, a WikiLeaks supporter, admits she had consensual sex with (Wiki-leaks founder, Julian)  Assange in August 2010 but woke the following morning to find he was having sex with her again, without using a condom.

Mr Galloway said this could not be rape, as the pair had already had sex and were ‘already in the sex game’. 

He went on: ‘It might be really bad manners not to have tapped her on the shoulder and said, “Do you mind if I do it again?”.   

‘It might be really sordid and bad sexual etiquette, but whatever else it is, it is not rape or you bankrupt the term rape of all meaning.’

Video here (start at 20 min for the relevant diatribe) 

h/t Five Feet of Fury


Anonymous said...

Something's not adding up in this story. I've engaged in the same thing several times in my life but none of the girls cried 'rape'. The worst thing that happened was one told me to "go back to sleep". Not that I let that stop me. I'm no fan of Assange and Galloway makes me sick but I find something strange about this whole affair.

Richard K said...

Well, if they expected sex to be with protection and you decided to have intercourse without a condom while they were sleeping, as it's alleged Assange did, it would be absolutely reprehensible and yes, it's rape.

I don't pretend to know what happened between Assange and those women, but he is a slimy character and Galloway's comments have (as if there wasn't enough evidence already) revealed what a complete cretin that corrupt windbag is.

Anonymous said...

The clue here is 'non- consentual'. THAT MEAN IT'S RAPE. If you're asleep and the guy is having sex with you, then it's RAPE. Whether you wear a condom or not. Anonymous and Richard K- You're both sick if you're saying what I think you're saying.

Richard K said...

I don't think you understood what I wrote, anonymous on Nov 2. I made the same point you did, that sex without consent is rape. That he didn't wear a condom exacerbates the offense because not only did he rape the women, if the accounts are true, but he put them at risk for communicable disease.

Anonymous said...

Galloway is correct. End of.

Richard K said...

I'm sure Galoway is correct..in the mind of the sort of man who would give roofies to a woman.