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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Evidently, nothing's too crazy for al Starzeera

A bit of comedy making the rounds the last few days comes in the form of a Letter to the Editor published by al Starzeera (The Toronto Star) by a Barbara Falby of Toronto.

Barbara is listed as a member of the Steering Committee of an environmental organization called For our Grandchildren. The three luminaries who have accepted Honorary Membership in the group are fruit fly expert David Suzuki, Stephen Lewis, who inflicted Avi Lewis on the world, and a senile  Desmond Tutu. She is also a member of an environmental group called JustEarth, chaired by former NDP MP Lynn McDonald, who evidently now believes that democracy is a failure because it isn't adequately capable of addressing her climate change paranoia. It should come as no surprise that JustEarth holds its meetings at Toronto's hub of radical idiocy, the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.

The letter, which Stephen Taylor does an excellent, if superfluous job of fisking, reads like it was written by a crazed environmentalist peaking on LSD. Ms Falby attributed blame for the following on Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper:
  • The recent shooting of 24 people in a Toronto Community Housing project
  • Species extinction of bats, frogs, bees, etc.
  • Severe heat, drought, crop failure, flooding and tornadoes
  • The desire of "disaffected youth" for gun ownership and ensuing violence
  • In keeping with her EarthFirst com padre, Ms Falby indicates a similar contempt for democracy when she "prays" that Members of Parliament who don't share her environmental concerns should be prevented from entering the House of Commons.
It's not surprising that these types of opinions are prevalent among a certain type, but giving prominence to what, if not meant as parody, sounds like insanity, seems crazy even by al Starzeera's loose standards.

 h/t SDA

Update: Patrick Ross at Bad Company finds a pattern

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