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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Who and what is behind Toronto's Nazi/Khomeinist rally

The irony would be comedic if it wasn't draped in genocidal malice.

In Toronto, this Friday night and Saturday afternoon, two gatherings facilitated by followers of Iran's Holocaust-denying, totalitarian leaders will convene in a frenzy of hatred known as al Quds Day to remonstrate against the middle east's only genuine democracy.

The organizers of the upcoming assemblies are devout adherents to the branch of Shia Islam represented by the Iran's late Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini and his successor as that nation's absolute ruler, Ayatollah Ali Khameni.

Both Khomeini and Khameni led Iranian regimes in which female political prisoners, many of them children, were systematically raped by security forces. Their political opponents, as well as religious and ethnic minorities such as Baha'i and Kurds are routinely tortured and executed.  Iran's Council of Guardian-approved  President Ahmadinejad's ridiculous assertion that there are no homosexuals in Iran was probably an aspiration, as Gays are executed in that country for their sexual orientation. There is no free speech in Iran as the media is tightly-controlled and opposition newspapers can be shut down by the government at will.

At the end of the week, Canadian acolytes of that tyrannical autocracy will be denouncing Israel, a country that has free elections, universal enfranchisement for its citizens, equal rights for women free speech, respects Gay rights and rule of law, all features that are absent in Iran. Al Quds Day was first decreed by Khomeini in 1979 as an annual event for the purpose of rallying Muslim to destroy Israel. The spectacle of disciples of Iran's sadistic rulers denouncing Israel as "oppressive" will be as preposterous as if followers of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un were denouncing Canada for its lack of democracy.

The offense of the travesty is not limited towards Jews. Iranian ex-patriots who fled the brutality of their homelands Mullahs are appalled at seeing the monstrous ideology they escaped manifest itself in the streets of the nation they fled to for asylum.

Toronto al Quds facebook page
The local Khomeinists involved with the Toronto al Quds Day reflect the poison exuded by Iran's leadership. A series of emails uncovered by the blogger BlazingCatFur in their online discussion group routinely feature Holocaust-denial and anti-Semitism.

Iluminating still is that a facebook page coordinating Toronto's Queen's Park Rally was created by Siraj Ali, an organizer of other local Shia rallies.

Rallies Mr. Ali was behind saw him cheering on as demented conspiracy theories were proclaimed, blaming internecine Muslim violence between Sunni and Shia in far-flung locals like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia on "Zionist" plots.

On Tuesday, The Canadian Race Relations Foundation expressed its "grave concerns" about the al Quds Day rally, saying "the framework for attacks against Israel and Zionists is replete with phrases found in similar Neo-Nazi and antisemitic attacks."

It is immaterial whether the al Quds Day Khomeinists actually believe their paranoid, depraved proclamations against Israel and Jews or if they are are consciously employing Nazi-like propaganda and scapegoating as a means of demagoguery. What needs to be understood is that there is a hateful, bigoted infection of totalitarianism in our midst, and if we do  not confront it, the problem will only grow.

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