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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

United Church of Canada: "We don't like terrorism, we just endorse those who use it" or words to that effect

The United Church of Canada isn't much of a church as far as religion goes, having relinquished any moral authority they may or may not have ever had in favor of political activism.

I have met some of the leadership of the UCC that promoted the recent boycott of Israeli settlement products and its one-sided anti-Israel resolutions. Searching for adjectives to describe them, a number come to mind, with the most conspicuous being 'clueless'.

The United Church's ridiculousness has rendered them irrelevant to just about anything. However I received a note from Brian Henry who has written and researched on their involvement with an anti-Semitic statement by some Palestinians, designed to legitimize terrorism, which is known as the Kairos Document.

Brian's blog and article in The Jewish Tribune provide worthwhile reading for those interested in the subject.

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