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Monday, August 27, 2012

Off with their heads! American Academy of Pediatrics gives thumbs up to male circumcision

The American Academy of Pediatrics announced that the benefits of male circumcision outweighs the risks.

"Intactivists" at Toronto's 2012 Pride parade
There has been mounting scientific evidence to support circumcision for years.

This news will undoubtedly infuriate one of the strangest collections of individuals on the planet, who describe themselves with a pun about their being activists who want to keep male penises intact.

These "intactivists" are obsessed with foreskins.Some of them are people with a sad psychological condition that leads them to blame all their social and emotional problems on having had their foreskin removed in infancy.  Some go so far as to try to use bizarre, painful methods to restore their foreskin as adults.

Others are just thoroughly obsessed with foreskins for reasons only they can know. (I suppose I could know too if I bothered to find out, but really, who cares?)

They aren't bad people, these intactivists, they're just nuts, and this recent announcement is most certainly going to rub those nuts the wrong way.

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