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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Khomeinist al Quds Day in Toronto tells Gay Israel supporter "You shall be stoned to death!"

The mob of Khomeinist creeps who assembled at Toronto's Queen's Park last week to call for the destruction of Israel have gotten around to releasing some of their videos on YouTube.

Their intent was to show how supporters of the Jewish state are "racist."

While profanities were hurled, no racist remarks from the pro-Israel side were forthcoming. Revealingly, in a video intended to show how "hateful" their opponents are, one of the Khomeinists shouts at a Gay Israel supporter holding a rainbow flag: "You shall be stoned to death!"

While vicious enough not to to be ashamed of that, the Khomeinists aren't smart enough to realize they should at least be more discreet about their murderous barbarity when trying to make a case for themselves in a civilized country.

Blazing Cat Fur captured the video below for posterity:

(Plus check this out..Christian Minister arrested for offending Islamic sensibilities by preaching love and peace at Queen's Park)

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