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Sunday, August 26, 2012

More fun with Tony Blair's lunatic, Jihad advocating, half-sister-in-law, Lauren Booth

Tony Blair was the most intelligent, sensible Prime Ministers that Great Britain has has since Winston Churchill. It's not his fault that his wife's bizarre, seemingly unbalanced half-sister Lauren Booth, has exploited the connection to garner attention for herself. It is an interesting paradox, because she despises the policies he implemented, but happily uses his fame for her self-promotion.
"In the past my attempts to give up alcohol have come to nothing; since my conversion I can't even imagine drinking again." - Lauren Booth
In what, for her brain cells, may have been a case of "too little, too late," Booth has written that her conversion to Islam was what finally enabled her to stop drinking. In this video she calls US President Obama a murderer and liar, and Gaza a "concentration camp run by Jewish guards."

Plus plenty more fun...

Added bonus: Some crazy conspiracy theories from the genius who wrote, " Well, if it smells like s***t and looks like s**t it almost certainly is - Israel."

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