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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Canada's Green Party President doesn't want to destroy Israel - party rank and file (and leader) go apeshit

It's not easy being Green
Since the NDP has been led by Thomas Mulcair, he has shifted their middle east policy to a more reasoned one, advocating for a two-state solution, but recognizing that Israel has both a right to exists and a right to defend itself from terrorists. Sensing that they may have a shot a forming the government during his lifetime, and for the sake of his party's credibility, Mulcair has (mostly) muzzled the anti-Semitic hard left in the NDP that would like to sea Israel become part of the Islamic Caliphate.

But that doesn't sit well with those determined anti-Zionists in the NDP who despise Israel because it's a modern, pro-western, capitalist country filled mostly with Jews.

That's where Green Party leader Elizabeth May sees some room for growth. May is an unprincipled clown who has tried to play both sides of the coin on the Israel/Palestine issue before, and actually lied about an interview she had given to Jewish Tribune writer Joanne Hill on the subject. The Green Party's dismal electoral performance seems to be the motivation behind its leader and sole MP reaching out to those who want to destroy Israel.

May recently publicized a statement of hers where she said, "I condemn Hamas as a terrorist organization for sending missiles into Israel, but the Israeli retaliation and the invasion of Gaza violates international law and humanitarian norms, and any Prime Minister of Canada worth his or her salt would say that as a friend and ally of Israel, “you’ve gone too far - you must move to peace talks."

Translated, that means, 'I think Hamas is really bad, but Israel is even worse for having the outrageous nerve to defend itself instead of just letting its citizens get slaughtered. Because that would be the polite thing for Jews to do. Oh, and they should immediately make peace with the terrorists who keep refusing ceasefires and are explicitly devoted to the genocide of all the Jews on earth."

Thanks Elizabeth, that helps let people know where you stand. Until you smell a possible vote if you were to completely change your position.  May's statement came out just after a recent blog post by Green Party President Paul Estrin called "Why Gaza makes me sad," in which he acknowledged that the plight of Gaza is not the fault of Israel, but because it is subject to a brutal, repressive terror group that has invested all its energies into subjugating its own people and trying to kill Israelis.

That didn't sit well with the Greens at all. May distanced herself from Estrin immediately. As for the party rank-and-file, they have picked up their pitchforks and solar-powered torches and want to compost Estrin for the temerity of calling a terrorist a terrorist and his saying Israel has a right not to let all its people be annihilated.

It's not that all of this matters very much, since no one takes the Green Party of Canada seriously. Thanks to its being led by Elizabeth May, that state of affairs for the Greens will continue for a long time.

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