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Monday, July 28, 2014

Rob Ford Comes Out On Top (Again) at Tonight's Debate in Toronto

You want to know one of the signs that Rob Ford is going to be re-elected?

Because real people, not the Toronto Star and Globe and Mail pseudo-intellectuals whose faces have a permanent sneer caused in part by the bugs up their asses that are eating their way up to their brains, but real people like him.

And do you know how you can tell that? Because when he's out in public, real people approach him and are happy to see him. That stands in stark contrast to Olivia Chow, whose handlers have to work hard at the difficult task of corralling anyone willing to have their picture taken with her. It's then Chow, not the accessory in the photo, that sends out those photos through social media to try to create the illusion that she is popular.

Part of Ford's success is that is talks to people instead of down to them, as his opponents do.

I watched some of the mayoral debate tonight. The four challengers were packed together and literally sat apart from Ford. But it was the mayor who again topped his rivals, even winning over an audience in a part of town that is less attuned to him than the outer suburbs. Chow, as usual, came off as an out-of-touch, confused halfwit totally in the pockets of the municipal unions. She repeated her idiotic line about not being willing to extend the successful privatization of garbage that Torontonians west of Yonge Street enjoy to the city on the east side of that dividing line. Her fatuous reasoning is that she wants competition. But for anyone who isn't an idiot, competition would mean allowing all qualified competitors to compete. For Chow that means that her civic union buddies have the exclusive right to keep the east side of Yonge Street.

John Tory, without actually saying it in those words, was essentially trying to sell the unconvincing narrative that he's Rob Ford without the crack. But Tory, an honest, decent guy, is also Rob Ford without the determination to get things done. Tory is an inveterate compromiser likely to compromise the city to a standstill and has no real voter base, no charisma, and probably lacks the ability to get elected.

Frankly, I don't even know why David Soknacki and Karen Stintz are still in the race, unless they're being paid by Rob Ford to bleed votes away from Tory and Chow.

"Sock Puppet" Soknacki is a leftie's idea of what they would like a conservative to be, meaning he's basically useless to everyone. Tonight he tried to defend his record as David Miller's Budget Chief. Now those four words, "David Miller's Budget Chief," are enough reason for the average Torontonian to want never to see Soknacki hold elected office again.

As far as Karen Stintz's performance goes, I think she should ask whoever she paid $4500 of taxpayers' money for voice lessons to refund it back to the City budget. She is a terrible, artificial-sounding public speaker. Not quite as artificial as Chow, I'll grant you, but that's like saying vomit is nicer smelling than feces. Stintz had to remind the voters of her name, which was probably a waste of time, since if her name is still on the ballot come October, no one will pay any attention to it then either.

Ford was the only candidate who was convincing about being willing to go all out to make sure taxpayers aren't reamed by the unions and special interests like we were under David Miller. There's another city union contract coming up next year.  Ford got a great deal for the City with the last one and it was fair to the City's unionized workers. No one, and I mean no one, even among Ford's enemies, believes that anyone but he would have been able to strike that deal. And no one really believes that any of Ford's challengers would be able to strike another like it.

So for those people who thought the circus might be leaving town soon,  you might want to bear down, because there's a great chance you'll be looking at Ford more years.


Glenn Zembal said...

Great Article!! I watched the debate you nailed it!!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Mayor Ford is the best choice for Toronto. He is a very strong leader.

Anonymous said...

All comments must be approved by the blog author? There you go pal! Opening a dialogue, weighing both sides and showcasing a thoughtful interpretation of the whole picture! Its clear that you have a well honed political mind, dedicated to getting to the heart of every issue. You'll be discovered in no time! Best of luck, brother

Richard K said...

Put your name on the comments and they go up. If they're anonymous I pick and choose. If they're anonymous comments from hateful trolls, I tend to delete them. Anyone with the modest ability to use the Comments Policy link already knows that.

As to who I am, yeah, it's a big secret, only known to people who know how to use google.

Chris B said...

Don't be shy to always include Toronto Sun as the new but proud member of the anti-Rob Ford leftist liberal mainstream media, all their Toronto municipal elections are anti-Rob Ford, their July 1, 2014 Editorial article called for him to resign and on the July 14, 2014 the very same Editorial was very critical on him cause he did not stand up and applaud to the whatever "pride" freak show in the Village, if you read and even dare commenting on their anti-Rob Ford articles that btw get 1K comments per article, 95% are all anti-Rob Ford, vial hateful comments, I guess due to financial reasons or something they have allowed the entire NDP & Liberal left to invade their Web Edition, 100 to 1 anti-Rob Ford comments vs. pro-Rob Ford.
Toronto Sun is gonna endorse LIBERAL John Red Tory while Red Star Pravda and G&M will go for SOCIALIST Olivia Chow.
Sue Ann Levy is a big John Tory supporter so is SNN's Michael Coren.
For me, John Red Liberal Tory is a classic charlatan opportunist politician, as a strong Rob Ford supporter since Sept 2010 I despise more this liberal charlatan than the socialist woman, at least Olivia Chow does not hide her socialist ideological past when this Red Tory has been brought into the race by Toronto Sun and 1010 Talk Radio as a "conservative" to make Rob Ford supporters believe they have a "conservative" alternative to REAL conservative (fiscally AND socially) Rob Ford. For me no difference btwn that he/she/whatever Liberal Premier and this Red Tory progressive individual.
Therefore I'm urging you to go hard after Toronto Sun in the same way you have done it, and rightly so, with the traditional leftist media, Red Star Pravda and G&M.
Cause I'm using my Google+ account to comment on your blog, on my YouTube channel you can see my 2014 Scarborough Ford Fest video. Not allowed to include links in my comment.
Keep up the good work.
God Bless.

Richard K said...

Ford doesn't push his social conservatism on others or make it part of his public policy - if indeed he is one and I think there's plenty to point away from that - something I appreciate about him.

The Sun has gone more to Tory on the whole recently, but I don't know how much the media really shifts people's votes. If they did, then the Star, which has the largest circulation of Toronto's dailies, would have gotten Smitherman elected in 2010.

Chris B said...

@Richard K

Personally I've been on his side as I said since Sept 2010 for two major reasons: a) his strong stand on traditional moral values (and I'm not in no way a religious person at all), personally he opposes SSM and does not feel comfortable going to that annual freak show on Church St, and like him is the entire Scarborough Ford Nation (cause I live in Scarborough), b) his very strong opposition to ANY new taxes, sales tax, gas tax (in Vancouver and Montreal they have a 1% city gas tax), regional tax, I call them Revenue Tools John Red Liberal Tory has always been open to while a big shot at GTHA Civic Action Alliance to pay for govt-subsidized public transportation, Rob Ford also strongly opposes road tolls and getting rid of Gardiner Expressway, against photo radar and giving cops the tools to take more money from us, I like him cause finally only b/c of him Scarborough is gonna have a subway system AND last but not least cause he IS people's mayor or at least how we in Scarborough see him.
And as a non-religious Christian, I strongly believe in Forgiveness and Redemption, nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes in life, that's why I for me he is now, after rehab, a totally different man (I've met him last year's Scarborough Ford Fest and last Friday as well), he is very healthy, very fresh, lost a ton of weight, very humble, the opposite of the #1 elitist among all five major candidates: John Red Liberal Tory.
Toronto Sun will do anything to see him lose reelection, major reason for that: his stand on same-sex marriage and all that comes with it (when he opposed raising the homo flag at city hall during Sochi Olympics plus never going to the freak show on Church St), John Red Liberal Tory is in the race b/c of Sue-Ann Levy and rest of Toronto Sun liberal editorial columnists, they pushed him hard to get into race at a time when the loser had no intention to leave his radio and Global TV shows. For me this impostor is a true Manchurian Candidate, a true liberal wrapped-up by Toronto Sun in a "conservative" image to make conservatives they have another alternative to Rob Ford they despise so much. Personally I have no problem with socialist Olivia Chow, that woman does not hide her ideological colors, but I simply despise this damn liberal John Tory.
Sorry for the damn long rant.
God Bless Canada

Chris B said...

Sorry Richard, I forgot to mention in my previous comment, as a close follower of Toronto Sun WEB Edition, since July 1 when Rob Ford came back from rehab ZERO non-anti Rob Ford articles in the Sun, Joe Wormington and Mike Strobel as News Columnists obviously are not allowed to publish anything positive about Rob Ford, actually ZERO Joe Wormington and Mike Strobel articles since July 1, only anti-Rob Ford articles are allowed in the Sun, the #1 Toronto Sun Rob Ford hater is Don Peat along with Sue-Ann Levy and many others. This is clearly an Editorial decision and if you happen to browse daily their Web Edition and read the comments on Rob Ford articles, thousands of such comments, 90% are vial hateful anti-Rob Ford comments.
Also I've done a little bit of "investigation" and have followed the very same anti-Rob Ford users posting comments on other Sun political national and international articles, they all hate Stephen Harper, they all hate Israel (no, I'm not a Jew but fully support Israel's right to defend itself against terrorist Palestinians), they all hate Conservative Party of Canada and Conservatism in general and they all want Justin Trudeau as next PM, God help us IF that ever happens. And these are the people, all NDP and Liberal Party supporters, Toronto Sun deliberately and strongly encourages to hate Rob Ford to death. Why? THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS, and for Toronto Sun the END is seeing Rob Ford lose the reelection and LIBERAL John Tory become the new Mayor.
I apologize for my (again) damn long rant.
God Bless.
On YouTube I'm Chris RoadWarrior, you'll see my avatar with the Gadsden Tea Party Flag.

Chris B said...

Hatred against Rob Ford has no limits, now they are using Rob Ford's wife picture as the avatar, hopefully the link will take everybody directly to that FORDMOREMONTHS user:


BTW, since July 1 when Rob came back from rehab with extraordinary good results, only one Sun reporter, the hardcore anti-Rob Ford reporter by the name Don Peat is allowed to publish articles about our Mayor, and ALL are 100% anti-Rob Ford. ZERO articles since July 1 from Joe Wormington or Mike Strobel.

I'm absolutely sure that's an Editorial decision, Rob Ford MUST not be allowed to win reelection in Oct.

John Red Liberal Tory is Sun's favorite mayoral candidate for Oct election.

Unknown said...

Uh, wow ...