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Friday, July 18, 2014

Liberal Foreign Affairs Critic Marc Garneau Speaks at Ottawa pro-Israel Rally

After a long time away, Marc Garneau is the reason I rejoined the Liberal Party of Canada last year. If only more of his colleagues had the same courage and moral clarity.
"If Canada were similarly threatened, there would be only one acceptable response. Canadians would expect their government to protect and defend them. That is precisely what Israel is doing."


Vardit said...

Are you being sarcastic...? In his earlier tweets he tweeted about "restraint" on both side. I then told him he could keep his "restraint" and ----- . That is why I was very surprised to hear his speech when I was at the Beth Tzedek Shul. Here he is equating Israel with Hamas as if they were equal...


Richard K said...

No, I'm not being sarcastic. I think the consensus on that earlier statement is that is was crafted by some staffer without proper scrutiny. Even Ezra Levant acknowledged something to that effect.

Garneau has been consistent and clear about this matter for his entire Parliamentary career. His speech above and the most recent statement from the Liberals reflect his influence in the party. I still have plenty of worries about Trudeau Jr, but Marc Garneau is unquestionably one of the good guys.

A.M. H. said...

I agree that Marc Garneau is an honorable and sincere man. I also contend that it is clear that although he was quoting the statement of his leader, Justin Trudeau, with respect to the Liberal Party of Canada's support of Israel's right to exist and to defend herself, that Garneau was really is just speaking for himself.

Marc Garneau's, tempering and rational influence was all over Trudeau's comment.

Many of us regret, although loyal Conservatives, that it was not Marc Garneau who won the Liberal leadership race and not that totalitarian dullard, Trudeau. If such has been the case then it would have been much more accurate to say that political party which one day might form the loyal opposition, was actually, loyal.

Unknown said...

Isn't there a contradiction in Garneau's speech between Israel having the right and duty to destroy Hamas missiles and the source of the missiles and pushing for a ceasefire which will keep Hamas' missiles in place and leave Israel still vulnerable. To be consistent, should not Garneau be against a ceasefire until Israel had destroyed substantially Hamas' arsenal of missiles?