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Monday, July 21, 2014

John Kerry's "hot mic" moment betrays his anti-Israel bias

Yesterday John Kerry's Undersecretary of State Rick Stengle tweeted out the #UnitedforGaza hashtag, and only when challenged on it claimed it was a mistake.

At the same time, Kerry was caught on a 'hot mic' sarcastically berating Israel for 'pinpoint operations' which Kerry obviously thinks are inflicting too much collateral damage. Perhaps Kerry might want to compare Israel's Gaza operation with the collateral damage inflicted by the US in Iraq, Afghanistan and even in Pakistan, which is supposedly a US ally, and see how that works out for him.

When Kerry was running against George Bush in 2004, my liberal friends from California was convinced they were going to see the Republican ejected from the White House. I told them not to bet on it. With Kerry, the Democrats managed to pick a patrician buffoon who was possibly the only person in America who could make W., a multimillionaire son of a former president, look like a regular guy.

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