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Thursday, July 31, 2014

University of Ottawa's Miserable Socialist Student Union takes on Doofus Party Animals

As Henry Kissinger said about the Iran-Iraq War, it would be nice if they could both lose. (Although if I had to pick a side in this battle of the dimwits, I'd easy take the party animals who, unlike the socialist union creeps, at least have a sense of humor.)
SFUO vice-president Nicole Desnoyers said the SFUO was "concerned and very disappointed" after watching a video — created by and posted by Aficionado Studios to promote its 2014 event in the Ottawa area — that she says "promotes excessive consumption in every way." 
"I mean, the video is just excessive binge drinking, excessive drug intake, and we also see this video place women in very dangerous and hyper-sexualized situations, which is the exact opposite of the work that the student federation has done, especially over the past year around rape culture," Desnoyers said.

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Anonymous said...

Yes the CFS affiliated students union had other plans for the partiers