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How To Deal With Gaza After Hamas

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

George Jonas: The unlikely Jewish Goliath

...Palestinian fatalities stand at 184 on the eighth day of Israel targeting Hamas rocket launchers in Gaza. Fixed or mobile, the launchers fire from areas densely populated by non-combatants. To reduce civilian casualties, Israel’s defence forces try warning residents to flee or take cover before launching attacks on certain targets. They “knock on the door” with a mini-explosion before delivering the knockout punch. If it weren’t for such humanitarian gestures, the death-toll would likely be higher.

A death toll among their young doesn’t worry fanatics who groom their children to become suicide bombers. Hamas is aiming to win a public relations war in which children’s corpses stacked in a schoolyard are worth more points than children in a schoolyard, playing. To compete in this kind of war, Israel would have to let Hamas rain rockets on its children with impunity. This option is closed to Jews, culturally as well as demographically. They have no children to spare for gestures...

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