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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Palestine House official says they would have committed a mass murder of Jews in Mississauga if not for police presence

From Alternative Angles:
Dr. Nazih Khatatba, editor of the Toronto-based Meshwar newspaper and a member of the Palestine House in Mississauga argued that situation was on verge of “massacre” had the Police not intervened in time with large forces.

Supporters of the Palestine House using wooden sticks attacked the Jewish and non Jewish protesters, injuring few, including one who was taken to hospital. Following Police investigation charges were laid against two of the pro Palestinian attackers...

...“The members of this group brag that they are behind the [decision] of the Conservative government to defund the educational programs, which were held at the head office, because it [the Palestine House] carries out anti Israeli activities. 

“Had the Police not intervened with very large forces, a massacre [مذبحة] would have occurred, as the Palestinians were very provoked, because of the slogans and the slurs uttered by the members of the gang, who arrived riding motorcycles and dressed with chauvinistic clothing and who refused to abide by the instructions of the Police to refrain from parking their motorcycles next to the Palestine House.”
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