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How To Deal With Gaza After Hamas

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Foreign Affairs round up, in which the UK's Nick Clegg is an idiot, Mark Steyn gets it right, and Heather Mallick is...

God help Britain if an idiot such as Nick Clegg were ever to be in a position of real authority there. The ineffectual Deputy PM said that Israel's defense of its citizens against indiscriminate attacks from Gaza are disproportionate and "proved their point" and they "should stop." That's while Hamas continues to launch attacks at Israeli civilian centers.

So one can safely assume that if Britain was under attack and Clegg were running things, he'd offer a couple of tit-for-tat responses and then would happily allow British civilians to continue be murdered, so as not to seem impolite to Islamic terrorists.

However, from the sensible Mark Steyn:
 ...the principal beneficiaries of post-war "Holocaust guilt" turned out to be the Muslims. Anyone familiar with the cheerfully open prejudices of 'tween-wars Continentals knows that they would never for a moment have contemplated the rise of mosques and madrassahs in Brussels and Lyons and Frankfurt and Salzburg. But in post-war Europe the Holocaust got laid at the feet of ethnocultural nationalism, and so there were no acceptable grounds on which to object. And so, even as synagogues and kosher butchers are besieged and firebombed, the Euro-left will continue to make common cause with the Muslims in blaming the Jews.

That's why it's psychologically necessary not just to object to Israeli militarism as a decade ago they objected to Bush-Blair militarism, but to go beyond and insist that the Jews are now the Nazis. For, if one truly believes in "Never again!", then one is morally obligated to stand against the new Nazis. Someone has to be the Nazis, right? And to identify the real totalitarian threat would be asking too much...

And speaking of imbecile moral equivocators, we have al Starzeera's Heather Mallick. Sorry, that's a tautology. "Heather Mallick" is an actual synonym for imbecile moral equivocator. Today, she essentially says Israel is just like the Nazis because they are defending their civilians from terrorist attacks. 'Cause that's what Nazism was all about, eh?

...Plus, more in the way of moral equivocation from New Democratic Party MP and Sea Hitler supporter Alexandre Boulerice

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