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How To Deal With Gaza After Hamas

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Muslim anti-Israel protesters in Calgary assault women in pro-Israel group

As Calgary Police stood by and did nothing:
...Each side lobbed accusations at the other over violence in Gaza and Israel, sparking a tense standoff that escalated when a Palestinian supporter grabbed the Israeli flag.

In the violent confrontation that followed, Jeff Willerton, the pro-Israeli who had been holding the flag, was punched several times and knocked down. The area swelled with demonstrators from either side as some tried to break up the conflict and others fuelled it.

Minutes later, another brawl broke out across the street as supporters of either side screamed at one another, pointing fingers and spitting in faces.

Samantha Hamilton, an Israeli supporter who had been confrontational with Palestinian demonstrators, said six or seven men swarmed on her brother during the clash before they came after her and her cousin.

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Anonymous said...

Any reports on arrests?

The police usually are quite prompt in arresting the Christians, Jews and Hindus at these events.