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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Palestine House "retired terrorist" not so retired - calls for all-out violence

Issam al-Yamani, an Executive Director of Palestine House in Mississauga and a member of CAIA’s Coordinating Committee, called for launching a third Palestinian Intifada (meaning violent uprising) in Palestine and the Diaspora, implicitly also in Canada.
As an amusing aside, an article about al-Yamani's deportation hearing reported the "Court heard how Mr. Al Yamani is a changed man since coming to Canada; living here has made him "multicultural" and he now rejects violence "even under the rules of war." "

Funny how when he's not in front of a judge, he isn't so unsupportive of violence.

h/t Sassy

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ali said...

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usa and france and and germany Given this weapons to israel.
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