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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Canadian Candidate Drops Out After Masturbation Video Surfaces

Trish Kelly was running to be a member of the Vancouver Parks Board, but resigned from the race after it emerged she had made a video in which she discusses her masturbation habits.

Who cares who's on the Vancouver Parks Board and if it's a young women who obsessively masturbates? If anything, that would probably help get her votes.

I thought being a jerk-off was a prerequisite for being a politician. 

However, Kelly stated: “Unfortunately, my work in theatre and as a sex-positive activist is being sensationalized — and will clearly continue to be — distracting from my efforts in the community and in the election campaign.”

Trish Kelly by Raymond_Tomlin

h/t Kathy S


Anonymous said...

So, what is a "sex-positive activist"?

Is it someone who spends all available spare time to promote the idea that they are positive there is such a thing as sex?

? (!) ?

Anonymous said...

Why did she drop out?

Did she think this might rub voters the wrong way?