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Friday, October 1, 2010

al-Starzeera realizes Smitherman will be tied to McGuinty, so..

Simple equation:

     The Toronto Star hates Rob Ford   +

     Ontario (including Toronto) hates Dalton McGuinty   +

     George (Captain eHealth) Smitherman is closely linked to McG

    =   The Star (laughably) is going to try to rehabilitate McG

Good luck!

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Admin said...

It's hilarious watching the wheels come off the Slitherman bus.

Did you read how he ran away from the debate last night when confronted by 3 angry women upset with the Ehealth scandal ?

I sent Jerry Agar @ 1010CFRB a list of Slitherman's accomplishments.. and he read it out on the air.. and said it was interesting and would ask Slitherman to explain them the next time he was on the air.

Here's the list. We need to give this wide coverage. EHealth is only the beginning of Slitherman's problem. I fear a Hurricane Earl is on it's way to demolish him.

Here's Smitherman in his own words :

"I'm the Harry Truman of the ministry of health — 'The buck stops here'" — on criticism over the new LHIN structure


E-Health is only the beginning of Smitherman's problems. Here are some more.

Who was responsible for the 1 Billion E-Health scandal ?

Who is responsible for the sole sourced Samsung Wind energy plan ?

Weatherman was the Health Minister who removed eye exams from OHIP coverage.

Smitherman was the Health Minister who removed Chiropractice from OHIP coverage.

Smitherman made fun of senior citizens who were forced to sit in their own waste due to Ministry of Health policy.

Who is responsible for the 'Smart Meter' fiasco and the 'Time of Use' scam ?

Smitherman was Minister of Health when the Health Premium was introduced.

Smitherman was Minister of Health when the C-Diffile infection outbreak took place.

I believe the OLG scandal where they built a nuclear plant @ a Windsor casino in Dwight Duncans riding was under Smithermans watch.. as was the OLG spending scandal.

One more. Remember how Smitherman attacked Ford for his comments on AIDS/Gays... how you are less likely to get AIDs if you're not gay or use needles ?

Here's Smitherman in his own words :


HALIFAX (AP) - Gay citizens must be consulted to develop a health care system that is better able to treat them, says Ontario's health minister. George Smitherman, who was in Halifax last week to address the Rainbow Health Coalition's health and wellness conference, said medical workers are often unprepared for the needs of patients with different sexual orientations. Alcohol and drug abuse, depression and HIV/AIDS are more common among people who are not heterosexual. And Smitherman, who was Ontario's first openly gay legislator, said medical workers can neglect sexual orientation when looking for root causes or treatment options. "Much of this is behavioral in nature and it does require a health care system that is responsive to needs, but it also requires community leadership,'' Smitherman said before his speech. Smitherman said Ontario is developing a network of offices to make health care decisions at the community level.