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Monday, October 25, 2010

Anti-Israel Group launches co-ordinated "Letters to Editor" campaigns to vilify Israel

Does it seem that whenever a story about Israel gets printed in a major publication, a group of the same online posters combined with usual suspect letters-to-the-editor writers get a control message to go into action and use a familiar litany of spurious talking points to malign the middle east's only democracy?

Ever wonder why they all sound so similar?

There's a reason for that.

The so-called "Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East," (CJPME) an anti-Israel group whose board includes Canadians Osama Abu-Shihab and Louay Jabry, wants you to be on stand-by to join their team of "media responders". Your job is to badmouth Israel and you don't even have to have a command of the facts that you're going to claim to find objectionable.

Can't think of what to write, or what to say? Incapable of thinking for yourself? No problem!  The CJPME will do that for you. In the words of their own promotional videos below, their Media Centre will allow you to "respond effectively without even having to locate a newspaper or magazine." Talk about convenient! Any semi-literate half-wit could participate (and from the looks of things, quite a few do).

These people are also sponsoring ex-professor and admirer of mass murderer Mao Zedong, Norman Finkelstein, on a speaking tour of Canada this week. Finkelstein is a seemingly anti-Semitic Jew, so expect a coordinated letter campaign saying what a "heroic" figure we have in that slimy supporter of terror-organization Hezbollah.


Anonymous said...

now i know why there are so many anty harper posts on cbc website .great post

Richard K said...

And the Globe and Mail, the online comments there seem suspiciously anti-Harper there for a generally moderate media source.

It was always fishy how there were so many of those comments there so quickly after an article was published. Now we know why.

Anonymous said...

WHAT !! if i subscribe do they give me a ''bitch of the day''i was over on a lib site and one of the comments was''we should get outraged''lol great blog

Richard K said...

Yes, well, it's always nice to have the little Stalinists at sites like rabble.ca helpfully not only provide their distorted slant and selective use of facts, but also tell you how you should feel about them afterwards.