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Saturday, October 16, 2010

"Muliticulturalism is dead" in Germany

In a speech to supporters, Chancellor Angela Merkel said Saturday that multiculturalism in Germany has not met with success. She stressed that immigrants must learn to speak German and integrate into German society.    

Attempts to build a multicultural society in Germany have "utterly failed," according to Chancellor Angela Merkel.

"This approach has failed, utterly failed," said Merkel, head of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), in a speech to the party's young people's association in Potsdam on Saturday. She added that not enough was done in the past to support the movement. "The failures of the last 30 or 40 years cannot be resolved so quickly," she said.

The comments followed a similar speech from Christian Social Union (CSU) chief Horst Seehofer, sister party to the CDU, who on Friday evening declared his party's stance against multiculturalism. "Multiculturalism is dead," he said, to great applause.
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Bob Devine said...

I hope those wing nuts in Canada`s political circles read that and start taking the appropriate steps. Appropriate means Muslims leave first. To me there is absolutely NO PLACE in Canada for immigrants that do not want to change their ways and become Canadians. There is also to me absolutely NO ROOM for illegal immigrants or refugees with any kind of a criminal background. Gather up the illegals and criminal refugees and ship them back to where they came from. They need NO HEARINGS or lawyers appealing anything just ship them out.

Richard K said...

Canadian multiculturalism shows signs of developing the same sorts of problems that it has spawned in Europe.

Islam, not Muslims is what creates the issues that have placed the West in conflict with adherents of that religion. No one group needs to be discriminated against. Muslims are like anyone else in that the overwhelming majority are born into their religion. But that religion and the cultures in which it's prevalent have customs, ideologies and bigotries that are incompatible with western democratic principles.

There are some brave Muslims who are working hard to liberalize Islam. It's no exaggeration to call them "brave" since their lives are in danger for trying to bring reform. That of itself says much about the problems with Islam. How many reformers in other religions have to live in fear of their lives? What was true of Western religions 500 years ago is still the case with Islam.

Immigrants come here to gain freedom and it's ironic that in some cases, once here, some attempt to deprive us of the freedoms we have, like free speech.

We should never abandon the idea of a society where everyone is equal before the law and that disdains discrimination, but that goal should be with all citizens being Canadians and not representatives of the cultures they left to come here.

Canada needs to take an approach to immigration more like Australia's, which is very strict on who it accepts and makes it clear that you're coming to be an Australian and you come as a guest and not a colonizer

Bob Devine said...

Volt. Muslims are Muslims because they believe that Islam is the only way and there is no alternate view allowed. They are governed by Sharia law and follow the direct instructions from their Quran on how to dominate and subject all that are not Muslim to their belief or kill them. That is not just an interpretation of their book but the direct kinds of instructions it gives Islam`s followers. If those "Muslims" you speak of do not believe that then they should stop being Muslim and join a religion that does not demand what Islam does and condemn Islam loudly and clearly. There is no room in Canada for Islam and its followers. They follow only the Quran and refuse to swear allegiance to our country. We do not need them here with those attitudes

Richard K said...

I guess that's where we disagree. I don't believe in forceable conversions or expelling people because of their religion.

I do believe that liberal Muslims can make as good citizens of western democracies as anyone else. To repeat the problem the weat faces in in much of Islam's practice and interpretation. One could easily find passages in the Bible that advocate killing of non-believers and "heretics." Through hundreds of years of liberalization, western religions have learned, in most cases, not to interpret those passages literally.

Religion of any sort has generally shown itself to be counter-productive in establishing reasonable discourse among people. The more fanatical the aherence to religion, and with unequal application, like the preferrential treatment Catholicism gets in Ontario, the more problems that arise.