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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Poll results: If the NDP or Green party ever gets into power, buy distillery stocks

Actually, if the NDP gets into power, you might not want to buy shares in anything in Canada, since the stock market might collapse and there is a faction of that party that wants to do away with private ownership.

The most recent (highly unscientific) Eye on a Crazy Planet Poll asked "If the only two parties running in the next Canadian election were the Green Party and the NDP, how would you vote?"

The other two poll options were "don't know" and  "would stay home on election day and get drunk.'

While the Greens narrowly out-polled the NDP, both were dwarfed by the 80% of respondents who said that if those were the only choices, they'd stay home and spend election day getting plastered.

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