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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

One speaker at Canadian Union of Postal Workers sponsored anti-Israel conference admits support for terror, another heads organization that threatened South African Jews

One of the speakers at the Canadian Union of Postal Workers' increasingly anti-Semitic-looking "Montreal BDS Conference" is none other than Ewa Jasiewicz.

Jasiewicz was a participant in the recent flotilla aimed at disrupting Israel's sea blockade of Gaza. In public, the anti-Israel activists pretend that they are not there to help Hamas, but want to bring aid to the people of Gaza. But among themselves, they tell the truth. Watch her from the 7:45 point in the video at the end of this postJasiewicz admits that the purpose of the these "peace activists" is to help the "fighters" and the "armed resistance." It should be noted the "armed resistance" Jasiewicz speaks of is Hamas' random lobbing of missiles into civilian areas in southern Israel, an act described by the United Nations as a war crime.

A rather amusing part of the video comes at the 6:00 minute part when she is disingenuous to the point of being ridiculous by trying to explain that when Palestinians in Gaza say they want to "kill the Jews", they don't really mean Jews but just the "Zionists." (Those silly Gazans keep forgetting to use the code word in public!)  This preposterous dissembling from Ms. Jasiewicz is characteristic of the bizarre psychological contortions these alleged "peace activists" engage in to try to mask their support for bigots and violent fanatics.

There really isn't much more that needs to be added to her words. She reveals that these liars hiding behind the "anti-war" mask aren't interested in peace, but want to facilitate the murder of Israelis by Hamas, a group that the Canadian government has designated as a terror group.

Yesterday with regard to the appearance at the bigots' conference by notorious anti-Semite Bongani Masuku, Jonathan Kay, in the National Post, observed :

As of noon Tuesday, Mr. Masuku was featured on the conference web site under the heading of “keynote speakers” — along with CUPW President Denis Lemelin. By early afternoon, after Mr. Masuku’s participation has been highlighted on the blog Eye on a Crazy Planet, his name had been scrubbed in favour of other officials from his organization, the Congress of South African Trade Unions, known as COSATU.

The status of Bongani Masuku's participation remains unclear for now. But the conference still currently boasts the appearance of Sidumo Dlamini, Masuku's bigoted boss at COSATU, who invoked conspiracy theories reminiscent of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion with his claim that Zionism is "a version of global racist domination." Dlamini is the sort of bigot who leads an organization that decided to protest against Israel, not by protesting in front of the Israeli Embassy in South Africa, or at the South African legislature, but by marching (illegally) through a Jewish neighbourhood as a clear message of threat and intimidation.

These are the people that CUPW are sponsoring to speak in Canada. The same kind of people who are behind the CUPW-sponsored "Sea Hitler". The leadership of CUPW needs to be held responsible for what they are doing.

UPDATE: And naturally, it wouldn't be an anti-Israel hate fest without the participation of Canadian tax-dollar leech John Greyson.

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