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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

John Baglow chooses the 40th Anniversary of the October Crisis to sarcastically complain that the government is mishandling and overstating the threat of domestic terrorism

From Baglow's column in today's National Post, titled The terrorists in our midst:

Vic Toews, our Minister of Public Safety, is quoted as saying:
"[I]t’s so very important that we have cooperation from the groups where these individuals are coming out of so that our security authorities can better assess the situation and protect Canadians."
He was referring specifically to the case of three Muslim students who have gone missing. There is suspicion, and only suspicion at this point, that the three are training somewhere in Jihadistan and planning to come back to Canada as fully-trained terrorists.

The article continues:

The minister, who represents a southern Manitoba riding, urged groups that have spawned extremists to report their suspicions and held up Somali Canadians as an example.

Balgow soon gets into his mendacious sarcasm:

I know, at first hand, that communities can spawn radicalism. And I want to do something about it. 
The first hurdle to overcome is to figure out which community gave rise to me. The white community? The Christian-in-name-only (United Church) community? The anglophone community? The central Canada community? The NDP community? All of the above? Still more?
I ask only because I demand to know what leaders were accountable for me, and disgracefully dropped the ball, allowing me to flourish in their midst. 
Once we have that one figured out, I’ll know where to begin. As a conscientious citizen who believes in the rule of law, I want to keep an eye on those in my community who might be up to no good.

It probably escaped Baglow's attention (or maybe not) that today is the 40th anniversary of the beginning of the October Crisis. For those unfamiliar, that was when a Quebecois separatist group, the FLQ, kidnapped British Trade Commissioner James Cross and Quebec Labour Minister Pierre Laporte. Laporte was murdered by these fiends.

Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau invoked the War Measures Act to declare martial law in Quebec until the crisis was resolved.

Canada is currently in a war in Afghanistan fighting the jihadists that Baglow stupidly underestimates.

The reason that terror plots in Canada can be dismissed by Baglow in the way he does is because CSIS, the RCMP, local police and agencies working under the aegis of the Department of National Defence are doing their jobs well.

We live in a democracy. We are the government. So when the government asks us for help in preserving our own safety, we can choose to mock and do nothing like Baglow, or we can provide what help we can when those opportunities arise.

Baglow and his friends on the fringes have become increasingly shrill as his ideology has become more marginalized within the mainstream of Canadian society. It must be hard for him to sit on the sidelines, knowing how much better things would be if only people outside the NDP's Socialist Caucus took him seriously.

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Anonymous said...

I remember reading the headline 'CROSS FREED' when I was 10. I heard Cross on the Radio this morning. He's a smug Brit who gives no credit to those who risked their lives freeing him and has admitted to having constantly referred to himself as a 'Hockey Puck' in a hockey game while being held captive. A condescending slap to Canadians in general. To me, he was more like a dump of shit in a toilet bowl not knowing if he's going to be flushed or scooped out. There it is.