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Monday, October 25, 2010

Smitherman launches election day fear-mongering last-ditch effort

Today's last-ditch, fear-mongering email from George Smitherman:

Today is decision day.  A day of two very different visions for Toronto.  You can choose a city of fear, anger and exclusion or you can embrace a man with a plan.  A man with the vision and values that reflect a Toronto you can be proud of.  A man that wants to be the mayor of a Toronto that includes everyone and celebrates diversity.  That man is George Smitherman.  George Smitherman is a man of passion and purpose, consensus and commitment.  George will get it done.  But first we need you to get out and vote.  Every vote counts and in this election, your vote will make the difference.

Smitherman keeps telling us he has a "plan." A plan to keep things the way they are at city hall with CUPE running the city and establishing the amount of wasteful spending taxpayers have to endure?

Smitherman a man of "vision and values"? (eHealth, party drug addiction, multi-million sole source contracts to former associates)

Halloween would be scary enough without this

to look forward to all year!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ah, the wonderful, utter desperation as Georgie circles the bowl like that giant turd that just refuses to go down the toilet. Time to break out the plunger! Bye bye, Georgie.