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Friday, October 15, 2010

George Smitherman gets official endorsement from anti-Semitic 9-11 conspiracy theorists

Readers of Eye on a Crazy Planet may remember The Canadian Charger. It's provided us with many laughs, although purely unintentionally on their part.

That ideological cesspool is home to some of Canada's craziest bigots.

It's no surprise they have endorsed George Smitherman for mayor of Toronto.

See here: Blazing Cat Fur: Kiss of Death: George Smitherman Endorsed By Crazed Jew Baiters Ali Mallah & Mohammed Elmasry's Canadian Charger 911 Troofer Rag


Patrick Ross said...

At least Toronto only has one. In Edmonton, two separate mayoral candidates have courted the 9/11 "truth" vote.

Retards one and all.

Richard K said...

Let's make this clear though. As much as I like to have fun with the disturbed individuals behind the Rotting Horseflesh, and as much as i think Captain ehealth is an opportunist, Smitherman isn't by any means a bigot or nut like the Canadian Charger gang. Quite the opposite.

But he is a Liberal politician, which means he is loathe to alienate any potential voter, no matter how vile they are, so he has been conspicuously silent about this, which confirms to me a lot of my Smitherman misgivings.