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Friday, October 8, 2010

Some comedy from the UN "Human Rights" Council

Some of the worst human rights abusers in the world share their thoughts:


"It is my honor to represent a country whose respect for women and the dignity of women is rooted in its ideological beliefs and cultural past... [However, there is] persisting and rife discrimination and violence against women, in particular, in France, Norway, Slovakia, Sweden, Luxembourg and Ireland."


"There are certain situations where women's physical make-up must be taken into consideration when enacting laws. Women, [it] must not be imposed on them certain heavy work, such as working in mines and other hard labor."


"Islamic Sharia has granted women the same rights as men on the basis of principle."

From UN Watch

1 comment:

sanwin said...

I received an plea for contributions to flood relief in Pakistan from the UNHCR.

This is the reply I sent back to the UNHCR rep in Canada.

Dear Mr. Abraham,

I received this mailer from your organization seeking funds for Pakistan flood relief.

I am surprised to have received it, since a couple of weeks earlier I had received a similar phone call from the UNHCR seeking fund for the same purpose. At that time, I very clearly told the person on the phone, never to contact me again and that I would NEVER contribute a dime towards anything that went to Pakistan.

Off the top, I would think that if the UNHCR spent less money on gimmicky mailers with pieces of cardboard enclosed, it might actually have a few funds available for actual relief.

I have two problems with your request.

First of all, it’s the organization you represent.

Then United Nations is the most corrupt Anti-Semitic organization I have come across. Its sole purpose in life is to exist to criticize the Israeli state. You have a fellow organization, laughably called the United Nations Human Rights Commission which is staffed by a rouges gallery of Human Rights violators… and once again, they have this abnormal focus on Israel. Never do we hear them issue condemnation of gross human rights violations in Muslim countries, no, it’s only Israel that deserves their condemnation.

Secondly, we have Pakistan. From your name, it would imply you come from India. Has India not suffered enough with this terror enabling neighbor? Think about the millions of lives that could have been saved if enormous amounts of money did have to be diverted towards securing our border from the hordes across it ?

I am pretty sure that if Pakistan were to dismantle its wasteful nuclear program, it would suddenly discover vast sums of money that could actually go towards helping their own people.

In closing, please do not contact me again. I did not, am not and never will contribute anything towards the UNHCR or Pakistan.



PS: I also noticed you took it on yourself to comment on Canada’s immigration policy, specifically with reference to queue jumpers from Mexico and the Czech Republic. Who gave you this authority? I, as an immigrant from India, paid my dues, waited patiently in line and came to this country legally. I am proud that my government had decided to close the loopholes that allow these economic migrants to jump to the head of the queue.