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Monday, October 4, 2010

George Galloway: What he lacks in credibility, he more than makes up for in desperation

Former British MP George Galloway, has been accused of embezzling funds from the Iraqi Oil-for-Food program,  has provided material support to the terror group Hamas in the form of cash and vehicles, and  notoriously gave a bizarre, gag-inducing impersonation of a cat lapping cream from the hands of Rula Lenska. (Ms. Lenska may be best remembered by North Americans for some hair spray commercials in the 1970's that became a running gag for Johnny Carson).

Galloway was in Canada this weekend providing his usual self-aggrandizing tripe and condemnation of western interests along with his grovelling subservience to his new employer, Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Galloway had cancelled an earlier trip to Canada after having learned that he was likely to be refused entry based on his terrorist-associations.

Galloway is now threatening to sue Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney for slander.

The response from Alikhan Velshi, Jason Kenney's spokesman was:
Galloway's “last publicity stunt involved him wearing a skin-tight red leotard on Celebrity Big Brother, and then pretending to be a cat licking milk from the palms of a B-list celebrity.”

“Minister Kenney has no interest in getting entangled in another one of George Galloway's desperate cries for someone – anyone – to notice him"

Lap that up, George.

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Patrick Ross said...

Yes. Instant KO.

I love it.