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Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Globe and Mail sinks lower than imaginable on "Ford is a fatso" column

The Globe and Mail published, then attempted to scrape a disgraceful column from its website that went on and on about nothing but Ford's weight.

The remarkably immature tome of name-calling was written by a Stephen Marche, who, it turns out, is Robert Fulford's son-in-law.

The Ford campaign is using the column as a tool to show the depths to which his opponents would sink and the mentality and hatred that consumes the anti-Ford/Smitherman campaigns.

The column plays perfectly to the notion that the anti-Ford campaigners are a vacuous lot who are so overwhelmingly consumed with "image" that they have abandoned every other concern for the well-being of Toronto.

Despite the Globe's efforts to eradicate evidence of it, the article was archived elsewhere. Here is an excerpt:

The mounds of fat that encircle Rob Ford’s body like great deflated tires of defeat are truly unprecedented in Canadian politics. 
We have had chunky political candidates before, but the front-runner in Toronto’s current contest to be mayor is so fat that his belly is invariably the first thing you notice about him.
Yet far from harming his political image, his bulk is the key to his appeal. Neither intelligent nor sympathetic, Mr. Ford offers voters fat. And we want fat. In fat, we see ourselves.
Let no one confuse Rob Ford’s obesity with jollity. Every extra pound on Mr. Ford’s frame is an extra pound of rage. His angry fat is perfectly of our time.

You can read the whole, angry column here

h/t Blazing Cat Fur

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mauser98 said...

vote Smitherman. steaming shithole Toronto deserves him.