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Monday, April 29, 2013

California university professor forced to apologize to a cockroach

An incident at Claremont McKenna University in California in which an Israeli academic was harassed and threatened by a Palestinian student has ended with the Professor, Yaron Raviv, compelled to apologize for calling the student a "Fucking cockroach."

The reprehensible behavior by anti-Israel protesters in which they interfered with and deprived rights to other students at Claremont McKenna. The response from the university, as so often happens in cases like these has been gutless and condemned the professor while imposing no sanctions on the threatening Palestinian campus thugs.

From Prof Raviv's account:

The [Campus Safety] officer arrived and he parked his car 30-40 feet south of the entrance in front of Story House. I saw the guy and wanted to go talk to him to explain what was going on. I started to walk toward his direction, and a [student from the demonstration approached me] and told me to my face, “Who are you? Show me your ID! Are you faculty or a visitor? If you are a visitor, you cannot be on campus after 5:00 p.m. Show me your campus pass!” I told him, “I will never show you my ID. It’s not your business who I am. I can be a faculty or a visitor; it’s not your business.” I kept walking toward the officer and this guy is in my face, you know, like overly aggressively. I started to talk with the [Campus Safety] officer and I said, “Listen, this student event has been approved for this demonstration, but they cannot block the entrance, you need to move them 10 feet aside.” To give [the Campus Safety officer] some validity to what I was saying, I pulled out my faculty ID. The [student] who was in my face basically said, “Oh, you are faculty! I will hunt you down!” And I said, “What? You will hunt me down? You’re a fucking, little cockroach.”

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