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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Evidently, below-average intelligence is part of the job requirement for Calgary's Hate Crimes Unit

Levesque called the website “legitimate…Hate websites are usually in your face. This is a legitimate website that any religion…would have to give information about their faith.”
He was critical of B’nai Brith for asking for a hate crime investigation before contacting the MCC.
“Is it in the interests of harmonious community relations? Do we need to go from zero to 100 and put out a national press release?,” he asked.
“Ultimately, what we want is harmonious relationships between these communities…I didn’t want to see a legitimate Muslim website being impugned in the media as being antisemitic, because that is not the case.”

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DCD said...

This is certainly idiotic stuff, but I think the whole hate crimes regine has to be rethought and basically tossed out; it effectively tramples on free speech rights and causes everyone who is easily offended to launch an administrative or even a complaint. This has a chilling effect on commentary and wastes time and money.

Richard K said...

These hate speech laws are poisoned fruit. Making things worse, this episode points to how when they are in place, there is no sane standard by which they are applied.