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Friday, April 5, 2013

Is rabble.ca implying that Jack Layton was a closeted homosexual?

The great playwright of the English Renaissance Christopher Marlowe wrote Edward II about the Gay son of the monarch Edward Longshanks (modern audiences might know the first Edward best as the villain  of Mel Gibson's Braveheart).

Setting the tone, the play opens with Edward II's special friend Gaveston reading a letter from the new monarch which includes the lines:

My men, like satyrs grazing on the lawns,
Shall with their goat-feet dance an antic hay.
Sometime a lovely boy in Dian's shape,
With hair that gilds the water as it glides,
Crownets of pearl about his naked arms,
And in his sportful hands an olive tree
To hide those parts which men delight to see

The far-left website rabble.ca, published by the same-sex spouse of NDP Deputy Leader Libby Davies, is promoting an event called:

Pride, Prejudice and Politics: Jack Layton and the lessons of Christopher Marlowe’s Edward II  

In its description, they note:  As an undergraduate student at McGill, Jack Layton read and copiously annotated his copy of Marlowe's play. Join us as Dr. Jason Boyd connects the dots between Jack Layton and this classic 16th Century play.

It should be interesting which "dots" they connect between the former NDP leader about whom there was much speculation, and the tragic Edward II who also met an untimely end.


The Hammer said...

Something tells me Jack was probably behind the rumors he is a closet homosexual. That way he could appeal to homosexual voters without actually being one. The man would do anything for a vote.

Anonymous said...

I guess everyone forgot that he was caught in a male spa (let's call it) back in the late 80's - Ward 35 area... Hence he married quickly to not spoil his political career. I guess the media never tackled that one!