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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Feminazis attack University of Toronto Men's Rights Lecture

As I've written before, I don't find the Men's Rights movement particularly compelling. It seems like more of a harmless oddity than anything else.

But what has made it interesting lately is the hateful vitriol it has inspired in Women's and Gender Studies classes in academia.

One of the significant things Men's Rights groups is doing is challenging the preposterous, self-interested, psudo-academic facade of the ideological-based indoctrination occurring in Gender Studies programs.

Faced with these challenges, the radical who are immersed in identity-politics react as they usually do - by trying to shut down the free speech of people who they disagree with. That approach, better than anything, illustrates the vapidity and dishonesty of their agenda. What other reason would explain why they are so fearful of criticism that they react violently to try to shut it down?

I passed by the protest on Thursday outside the University of Toronto on my way to another event, but stayed for a minute of two to listen to what was happening.

As I approached, the protesters were shrieking "women hold up half the sky!." That saying is a quote from Chairman Mao, which suggests the totalitarian mindset of the Marxist infused Gender and Women's Studies Programs.

From another angle:

The Ryersonian has a full report, including videos, of the events that night.

GenuineWitty also has details and insight into the motives of some of the protesters


Anonymous said...

From what I understand the two groups organizing this were OPIRG and the "Revolutionary Students' Movement," which is a Maoist group. So communists respecting free speech as much as they always have.

The Hammer said...

Pretty much. Has little to do with feminism. It is just communists attacking those whom they do not agree with.