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Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Toronto Star's Heather Mallick makes stupidity a new form of public spectacle

Of course if Mallick were a journalist, she might have found out that the terrorists planned to derail a Via train on the trestle as it was crossing the border between Canada and the States. A train full of passengers falling into the Niagara River would be quite spectacular, even if aimed against a pitiful old Via train. 

As for al Qaeda and Iran, yes, they do consider each other heretics. Yes, they'll likely get around to killing each other some day, but like anyone, they have priorities. First, they'd like to kill or enslave the infidels, starting with Americans, Westerners in general, and Jews. And while they're busy with that fairly tall order, they're willing to sometimes work together.

Indeed, The Western intelligence community has long known that al Qaeda has a branch in Iran. It's not a secret. With a few minutes' research. Mallick could have learned that Iran tolerates al Qaeda's presence. Has for more than a decade.

Brian's Blog, quoted above, is off by a bit - it should have only taken Mallick a few seconds to find details of the al Qaida/Iran link. But Torontonians who familiar with her know Mallick's crazy ravings aren't really journalism - she's the Toronto Star's contribution to the field of comedy.

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