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Sunday, April 7, 2013

That popping you hear is the sound of heads exploding at The Toronto Star

Despite, in fact probably because of their relentless, frenzied efforts to malign him, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's polling numbers have gone UP by 10 points in the last two weeks.
TORONTO - Mayor Rob Ford's popularity got a boost from recent controversies, results of a new poll suggested Friday.

The Forum Research poll pegs Ford’s job approval rating at 49% — up almost 10% from two weeks ago.

The boost comes after a week of controversy swirling around whether or not the mayor of Canada’s largest city is battling a drinking problem and was allegedly asked to leave a military gala for being intoxicated.

Ford himself has vehemently denied the original Toronto Star story on the drinking allegations while Councillor Paul Ainslie has stood by his claim he asked the mayor’s chief of staff to remove him from the event.

Almost half ( 49%) of the Forum poll respondents said they approve of the job Ford is doing as mayor while 50% disapprove and 1% said they don’t know.
...Bozinoff said within the 49% who approve of the job Ford is doing there is a “small group” who have said they won’t vote for him again in the 2014 election.   
“It’s a few percentage points but he’s going to start off (in 2014) with 40% of the vote right off the bat,” he said. “If there were two people running, he’d need 50% ... he’s not that far away.”
As the blog Small Dead Animals puts it: "You know that last fight scene in The Matrix? Neo is fighting Agent Smith and is so much faster that he doesn't really have to concentrate? Smith tries to lay a hit, but Neo blocks them all with one hand while looking away. Yeah, The Toronto Star is Agent Smith."

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Pyrodafox said...

One lesson that the Toronto Star has failed to take root is that the plebeians can smell BS. There will be loudmouthed partisans who will lap it up but I believe the majority of the public can see through their antics. Prowling around his property and taking pictures of him entering a KFC is something I would expect from the National Examiner and not from a newspaper of a major metropolitan center.

All I can say to the Star's editorial staff is, "Keep tugging on that rope because you are about to hang yourself." So far, Mayor Ford has only benefited from their libel but they are too far removed from reality to notice it.