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Friday, April 5, 2013

The Israeli parliamentarian who dreams of a 3rd Intifada

Beit Zatoun, the Palestinian bunker cum curio shop that sits atop Toronto's Mirvish Village, hosted Arab-Israeli parliamentarian Jamal Zahalka, who is making the rounds for an anti-Israel propaganda tour.

As a sitting member of Israel's parliament, who has degrees from Israeli universities, he is living proof that the slander of Israel being an "apartheid" state is an outright lie.

But Zahalke, who is given to strange, irrational behavior, did his best to try to sell the lie to an audience of half-wits, self-hating Jews and Islamist and terror sympathizers.

Blogwrath was there and produced an excellent report which you can read at THIS LINK.

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Anonymous said...

Haroon Siddiqui wrote a piece on this today. Typically he regurgitated the usual woe is me propaganda of the fakestinians and how it’s all the Jews fault while leaving out the facts of history and that both Sumerian and Gazan Palis have a policy of not making peace, ever, with the Israelis…but you see it’s the evil jooooos who won’t come to the peace table.

I don’t know why I read his tripe.

The Gentile