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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Is London, Ontario becoming Canada's Mecca for terrorists?

al Starzeera's resident Islamist apologist wants police to stop "hounding" the breeding grounds for terrorism. Haroon Siddiqui is correct that most tips police and CSIS receive about terrorist plots do come from fellow Muslims. Most Canadian Muslims are appalled by terrorism. But Siddiqui seems to have cognitive dissonance in recognizing that the reason those tips come from Muslims is because terrorism is being planned by other Muslims.

And it is in the Mosques, with the hateful preaching that goes on in many of them, where the seeds of that murderous violence is planted.


The Hammer said...

I grew up in London, my mother still lives there, and I can say it is a funny city. Almost lives in a little bubble. There is a lot of old money and upper-middle class in London. While at the same time there is also a lot of poverty. It is a cliquey sort of city where possessions and social status tend to be more important than other places. An easy city for some youth to feel as though they do not fit in.

London also has a large Muslim population. This is an issue leaders in London's Muslim community will need to deal with. In a city where it is easy for youth to feel disenfranchised and end up with an axe to grind. There will be some kids within the Muslim community who feel this way. And some of those will see radial Islam as a method to exact revenge on a society that has alienated them.

Richard K said...

Multicultural policies have to carry a lot of the blame for this, as well as the culture in some mosques that encourages hatred of the west while taking advantages of its liberties.

As people like Tarek Fatah have pointed out, much of the radicalism comes from Canadian born Muslims.

The generation that came over here came to escape the conditions of oppressive Muslim countries and don't romanticize it. But in public schools, kids are taught to embrace their ethnic identities more than Canadian values. So the 2nd and later generations sometimes develop an identification with those cultures-of-origin, because they are only taught and encouraged to recognize the positive aspects, without an appreciation or any real knowledge of how tyrannical and oppressive they are. Combine that with Imams who preach that infidels should be slaughtered and Muslims are always persecuted and oppressed by the west, and you get the sorry outcome we see from the London mosques.

The Hammer said...

So true. And it is the same in the UK and France where the second generation of is producing some who are very radical.

School must have changed some since I went to high school in the early 90s. I can remember teachers, even the most liberal/mulch-cultural ones, talking of the brutal oppression in the middle east. In particular when it comes to women's issues. I can remember learning about stoning, female circumcision, wife burning, etc. while in school.

Much of what I learned forms opinions I have until this day. Since schools seem to have become so concerned with homosexuality these days maybe there should be lessons taught on homosexuality in the middle east. That would open up some eyes.