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Saturday, April 27, 2013

How dare the mean Tories make fun of Prince Bonehead Trudeau!??!

Attack Ads have a valuable place in our political system.

But morons in the (big L) Liberal media, with a puppy love crush on Prince Boneheadcan't handle it when their idol is mocked and have flocked to his defense..

UPDATE: An idiotic Toronto Star columnist has jumped the shark, going beyond the facile comparison of attack ads to "cyber bullying," he has compared them to terrorism:

What does it mean to say these ads “work”? It doesn’t mean public discourse about issues is, in any sense, enhanced. It doesn’t mean voter turnout is increased, or respect for the political process deepened, or the country strengthened. No, to say attack ads work means that the “attacker” benefits, gets more power, earns more money, has more control, while the “attacked” is weakened, diminished, left powerless.... 
Lots of nasty things in our society work, in this sense, quite nicely. Yes, let’s start with bullying. It often works rather well, in the tawdry way we’ve defined: Creepy little twerps with crummy self-esteem feel important when they humiliate others. 
Terrorism works, too, as we’ve been reminded again recently — a whole city was shut down, every major media outlet placed on monovision, by two losers who are now famous around the world. If that’s not a victory, what would one would look like?

And incidentally, the Star has the concept backwards - terrorism, like attack ads, doesn't work if the targets are capable of responding  effectively. Ask Osama bin Laden if you don't believe me. And if one dead and one wounded, incarcerated and one soon-to-be-tried-for-a-capitol-offense Boston Marathon terrorist, who have shamed their Islamist ideology is The Star's idea of "victory," then it explains a great deal about their vapid, defeatist, self-pitying editorial philosophy.

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