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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Zombie Trudeau Walk to Liberal "showcase" announced

Something out of the ordinary will be happening at the Liberal "showcase" where a coronation will bestow his father's old crown on Prince Joffrey Justin Trudeau.

A facebook event called Zombie Trudeau Lives has appeared and is described as follows:
Half zombie walk, half political event. Pierre Trudeau has come back from the dead to challenge his own son for the leadership of the Liberal Party. Join us in true Zombie Walk fashion as we lurch through the streets of Toronto to descend on the Metro Convention Centre during the Liberal Party "National Leadership Showcase." Recreate the 1968 Liberal Party Convention—with the undead. See Zombie Trudeau give the most rousing speech possible for someone a decade in the ground. 

Zombie Trudeau walk will be this Saturday at 2 pm. Details are on the facebook page.

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