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Friday, April 19, 2013

Liberal fears realized: Boston Marathon terrorists were foreign-born Muslims motivated by Islam

Police are on the hunt for the second living Boston Marathon terror suspect after a shootout that left one policeman dead along with one of the pair of brothers believed to have carried out the bombings.

In a realized nightmare scenario for cultural-relativists, the suspects are apparently motivated by Islamist ideology.

They arrived as refugees from the war in Chechnya, where Muslim separatists are in a fight against the Russian Federation, in which brutal tactics and terror are routine facets of the conflict.

But why take it out against innocents at the Boston Marathon? Because for Islamists, America, The Great Satan, is the enemy of Allah.

On the surface, the Tsamaev brothers should have been exemplary immigrants. Tamerlan, who died in the shootout,  was a Golden Gloves winner with a beautiful American girlfriend; his younger brother Dzhokhar was the recipient of a scholarship in 2011 to pursue higher education.

But the elder Tamerlan had a keen interest in the form of Islam that despises the west and all it stands for, as can be seen by his statements and the types of videos he favored on his YouTube channel.

The hypocrisy of cultural relativists regarding this tragedy has already become apparent. They have already tried to portray much of the concern as "Islamophobia" and bigotry. That would be true if the perpetrators happened to be Muslims motivated by a hatred of high taxes, or that they just find marathoners irritating. But all indications are that the motive was Islamist ideology and to bury one's head in the sane to ignore that is the same as asking for more such attacks.

In the coming days and weeks, there will be passionate arguments about what this all means. The usual suspects from all sides will be making familiar arguments. Cultural relativists will say these are  anomalies who in no way reflect the feelings of Muslims or represent Islam. On the other side, xenophobes and anti-Islam activists will use this as further proof of the allegedly monstrous nature of a tribal, desert religion which is incompatible with modernity and will call for a halt to all Muslim immigration.

And as usual, the best course lies somewhere in between.

Most Muslims are appalled at this development and despise terror of the kind perpetrated in Boston this week.

But Islam is a religion that has not undergone a reformation, and its preachers frequently adulate Jihad and violence against infidels. What makes maters worse is that some Muslim leaders lie outright about the type of preaching that goes on in many mosques. Obfuscation by groups like CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relation) with their My Jihad campaign designed to soft-peddle a pillar of Islamic faith that directs followers to kill in the name of their religion.

So how to reconcile western democracies with a majority of Muslims who are personally moderate, honest and reasonable with a religion which frequently manifests as viciously murderous?

It doesn't appear that anyone has yet come up with a working solution to this dilemma. While Muslim immigrants integrate well, many Muslim do not. They isolate themselves from the culture of their adopted homelands and encourage their co-religionists to do the same.

And for this, the real blame lies with mushy-headed, politically correct, multicultural western governments that do everything they can to facilitate Islamist isolation through "accommodation"  policies. Making matters worse, politicians covetous of ethnic votes will even kow-tow to Islamists who extol Jihad.

The fists step is for our leaders to start acting like leaders and tell the truth. It's not just terror that needs to be condemned but Islamism and what goes on in mosques that breeds a hatred that results in shredded flesh on our streets.

We should continue to offer the benefits of western society to those who come here to be a part of it. But that comes with a significant caveat. We must also need to make sure that immigrants come here to be like us, and not to make us like them. Or to kill us when they can't. If that means curtailing immigration from lands where our culture and beliefs are reviled, then it is something we should consider as a way of avoiding conflict. Because fueling the causes for conflict only increases the likelihood of more of them.


This video was one favored by Boston Marathon terror suspect Tamerlan Tsamaev:

More on the Islamic preacher admired by Tsamaev

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