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Monday, April 1, 2013

They've done it again! Toronto District School Board's Muslim resource is an anti-Semitic, mysogynistic, anti-western hate propaganda website

Blazing Cat Fur has the details:

Did you know that the anti-Christ will be a Jew? No? Well rest assured it's true according to the TDSB's go to resource on all things Muslim.


"Women generally waste money in useless avenues even if they have to take a loan. It is sinful to waste. Whenever you intend spending, first examine whether there is any deeni benefit or any worldly need. After thoroughly pondering, if there is a need and a benefit, go ahead and spend. As far as possible avoid taking debts even if you have to undergo a little hardship."

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The Hammer said...

Please tell me a main stream media outlet picked up on this.