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Thursday, August 15, 2013

A strange encounter with REAL Women’s Gwen Landolt

Peter O'Neil in The Vancouver Sun:

My memorable last encounter with Landolt occurred in the mid-1990s after I interviewed a Reform party MP with controversial things to say in defending Reform’s opposition to human rights legislation to protect homosexuals.

Around that time the late Doug Collins, writing for the North Shore News, took a shot at my credibility and objectivity by claiming that I was a member of something called the Gay Journalists Association of Canada.  I called Doug up and said this wasn’t true and that I’m not gay.  He sounded horrified (considering Collins’s overall views, I suspect that he considered this a particularly strong insult against a fellow journalist), apologized, and promised to publish a correction.   He told me his source was a REAL Women newsletter.  Then I called Landolt, who I’d dealt with before – always cordially — and who I assumed would be equally apologetic.

In fact, she immediately started arguing with me, insisting I was a member of this group that I’d never heard of...

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