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Friday, August 30, 2013

Plenty of propaganda and indoctrination, but apparently one thing John Greyson didn't teach his students was how to make a decent movie

York University's anti-Israel fanatic John Greyson is currently in jail in Egypt for charges* including helping the Muslim Brotherhood's terrorist activities.

A few of his students and colleagues at York produced a short video appeal for his release. In viewing it, in which they describe the things they learned from Greyson, it becomes apparent one thing he did not teach them was how to make a decent motion picture.

But why should anyone expect that he would? There's nothing in his filmography to suggest he has that knowledge or ability.

As the old saying goes, those who can, do; those who can't teach; and those who can't do or teach are activists who proselytize in their classes at York University.

The video appeal includes snippets from anti-Israel propaganda that Greyson has produced and directed which his students praise.

Evidently he has misused his role as a York Film Professor to spread the hateful poison of his extremist political activism.

Egypt will probably let Greyson go soon. Unless he actually was involved in activities supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, they should have no interest in holding on to him.

Why anyone would want to keep John Greyson around for a second longer than they have to is indeed a mystery.

*NB: Greyson has not been formally charged, but the implication from the Egyptian authorities is that he was arrested for being involved with Muslim Brotherhood activities. He was arrested on a Muslim Brotherhood `Day of Rage` filled with riots and killings.


kingqueen said...

With Greyson, I cannot get past the idea that as a gay man, he has taken up the cause of people who would kill him if he wasn't such a "useful idiot". All over the world, his actions have made Jewish students intimidated and harassed in university settings. And this person is called such a "humanitarian"? It is a joke.

Richard K said...

I doubt very much Greyson's influence extends far beyond the confines of York's Film Department and the small circles of his hysterical, anti-Israel hypocrisy, but I'll agree with you about the "useful idiot" part.

Well, at least about the "idiot" part..