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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Anarchist nutcases and registered charities decide to harass Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne at home

It's one thing to criticize a politician.

It's another entirely to show up en masse at their home and harass them and their entire neighborhood.

Kathleen Wynne may not be a very good Premier, but she's not Hitler. She's not even Kim Jong Il, though I've sarcastically made North Korean dictator references to her.

I'd like to see see her voted out next election, but harassing her at home is beyond the pale.

It's also standard procedure for the cretins at the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, No One Is Illegal and a variety of other fanatical Marxist and anarchist groups whose membership is quite literally, and liberally, peppered with people who have severe mental illness.

Disgracefully, they were joined by some groups that have charitable status. Hopefully, they will be among the ones that the government has proposed to review.

GenuineWitty was there and has more at THIS LINK 

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The Hammer said...

The trouble is the natives of Grassy Narrows do have a legit complaint. Their drinking water is badly contaminated and no one seems to be doing anything about it. But these anarchists are only hurting them.

Most Canadians consider protesting outside the home of an elected official way over the line. It is an act of intimidation against someone who did not contaminate the water and has not been in power long enough to do anything about it. The problem lies in the fact that the general public will associate this vile protest with the Grassy Narrows band instead of the anarchists who actually led the protest.

The anarchists are severe harm to these native people.