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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Toronto District School Board paying for pro-Communist, pro-totalitarian, anti-Israel indoctrination at "The Student School"

The Student School is one of the Toronto District School Board's alternative schools.

Apparently its curriculum is designed to offer an alternative to reason and sanity by promoting fanaticism and bigotry in the guise of activism.

The blog Socialist Studies has details on the school's advocacy of the murderous, Communist totalitarian, Che Guevara, its one-sided, fanatical anti-Israel proselytising, its promotion of the fakery of Idle No More, and of the authoritarian, Communist regime of Hugo Chavez. Plus its links to violent anarchists who are fixtures of Toronto's professional protester scene.

All paid for by your tax dollars.

Read about it here at Socialist Studies 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

If a student wants to "learn" this garbage (or his parents want him to), I suppose he has a right to do so. But the rest of us have the right not to pay for it.

And that principle should be extended across the whole education "system".