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Monday, August 19, 2013

The pathetic, paranoid and hilarious world of Canada's nutcase, far-left radicals

The vapid Canadian far left sees "oppression" in just about everything.

To illustrate their cognitive impairment, it should suffice to say that they live in the most prosperous, egalitarian society in the history of the world, and complaining of its "oppression," these geniuses want to replace it with a system that has invariably lead to totalitarianism, poverty and mass-murder of civilians.

Aside from their many imagined "oppressions," there is something the intensely earnest, humorless egotists of the radical left despise even more. Whet  riles them more than anything is when they are exposed as foolish hypocrites. To observe their self-discrediting idiocy, all one has to do is pay a modicum of attention to what they say and do. But the radical left has benefited from the laziness and sympathy of the mainstream media which frequently reports only a fragment of the radicals' activities and omits their most glaring acts of intellectual seppuku.

Which is why they are really, really pissed off at a blogger named Greg Renouf who operates a blog called GenuineWitty.

I've written before about the radical left's animus towards Greg. It seems that their rancor has reached new levels now that Renouf is a regular guest on Ezra Levant's show on Sun News Network. Levant is an outsider who routinely exposes the hypocrisy and stupidity of the leftist fanatics. With the inside knowledge that Greg brings, they have incurred the absolute fury of the radicals by revealing them as clownish objects of ridicule.

Componding the amusement are the pathetic efforts of some leftists to strike back. Filled with prose doused in a melange of sanctimony, vitriol and self-pity, it's hilarious reading.

Patrick Ross at Bad Company provides more detailed background here, but for a great laugh, there's no substitute for the original material at this link.


Anonymous said...

Great blog post!

Anonymous said...

Patrick Ross? Why should anyone take seriously the words of someone who has been successfully sued for libel?

Richard K said...

Absolutely, when the facts check out, and in this case they do. I could have provided identical information, as could Greg, but Patrick put it in a succinct summary, saving me the trouble.

Given that you're the same person that has been obsessively tweeting me about this and set up about half a dozen twitter accounts for the sole purpose of maligning Patrick, it seems like he has touched a nerve with you. You might want to seek some mental health assistance.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Richard, you're ability to do detective work is apparently as piss poor as your general analysis. I've never tweeted you and I've never tweeted about Patrick. His legal status as a libeller is well known.

Richard K said...

Yeah right - it's just a coincidence that your wording is virtually identical to tweets I've received from the weirdo that has set up a number of fake Patrick Ross twitter accounts.

When you grow the stones to be anything but a gutless Internet troll, try making a comment then. Until then, you're just a liar who doesn't have the courage to stand behind his words

Anonymous said...

Wording is virtually identical? Based on one sentence? What sort of idiot are you, Richard? How many ways are there to say that someone was sued for libel and lost? Instead of trying to throw stones at your commenters - and missing by a country mile - why don't you address the fact that you're so desperate to try to prove that your brand of wingnut extremism is mainstream that you give credence to somone who has been found by the judicial system to be a liar and defamation artist?

Richard K said...

That's right you gutless moron, there's an army of people who are out there scouring the internet for Patrick Ross-related items, and not just a lone psycho like you.

And since you're obviously too slow to have picked it up the first time I wrote it, maybe it'll register this time: the facts Patrick wrote in the piece I linked to are valid - I'm fully familiar with them and checked them out.

Your pathetic, desperate attempt to discredit something that is easily verifiable with your cowardly smears is entirely to be expected from a gutless Internet troll like you.

Richard K said...

And to the pathetic, cowardly, obsessive troll who keeps posting these anonymous comments, my blog is not a forum for you to post these redundant inanities.

I've deleted your last attempt at a post for that reason, but if you ever develop the courage of a gnat and actually post under your own name, I'll put it up.