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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

In case you were wondering how idiotic Anthropology at the University of Toronto has become...

They are having a Salon evening on the subject of "Techno science"

Sounds innocuous enough, eh?

Think again:
Through critical itineraries, the Salon will bring postcolonial studies, indigenous studies, critical race studies, and feminist and queer studies to bear on the ways we follow and tell stories about technoscience.

We aspire to provoke interventions into our analytic, narrative, and political habits, to spark scholarship that is accountable to multiple histories and contemporary urgencies, and to rethink the relationships among diversely situated human and nonhuman actors. While recognizing how technoscience is deeply implicated in violence, colonialism and capitalism, how might we also attend to the non-hegemonic possibilities, alters, and elsewheres that are within technoscience? Read our provocation at http://technosalon.wordpress.com/provocation/


Melvin Muskrat said...

Sign me up, I haven't been able to find my hair-shirt anywhere.

Richard K said...

They should subtitle the event, "If we use enough jargon and multi-sylabic gobbledygook that we couldn't cogently explain in plain language if our lives depended on it, maybe people will think we're smart"